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Education Services

Promoting collective responsibility for Rotherham’s vulnerable groups

Our Vision

Our vision and collective responsibility for our children and young people with SEN and disabilities is the same as for all our children and young people; that they be safe, happy, healthy, confident and successful, contributing to a thriving, inclusive community that is welcoming to all.

We will achieve this by;

  • lifting aspirations and building on existing strengths.
  • increasing personalisation – such that provision and support is designed and delivered in collaboration with children, young people and their families so that it is person centred, responsive and better matched to need.
  • focussing on and improving outcomes that are important to, and for, our children, young people, families and communities.
  • enhancing partnerships – so that we can jointly commission to collectively achieve and sustain our vision.

We will develop a notion of collective responsibility for Rotherham's vulnerable children and young people so that all parties know and understand their contribution and as a result we will have a graduated response that meets the needs of all learners.