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Children’s Disability Team

The Children with Disability Social Work Team and the Disability Family Support Team work with children and young people with the following disabilities

  • Severe learning difficulties
  • Severe / profound physical disabilities
  • Autism spectrum conditions including high-functioning autism spectrum conditions
  • Complex health needs (including mental health)

Children who have a degree of disability that do not fall into the above categories and who are in need of a social care intervention will be provided for by mainstream Social Care Teams.

The Disability Family Support Team provides an 'Early Help' service for families of disabled children. They will create a package of support for a family based on an Early Help assessment and multi-agency plan.

The Children's Disability Social Work Team are the preferred service where families, in addition to requiring support for their disabled child or young person, require additional support because of issues in relation to family functioning, risk of family breakdown or other complex needs.

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