Education Health & Care Plans (EHC)

Supporting documents and useful information about SEN, the EHC assessment process and Education, Health and Care Plans

Graduated response to need - Education settings

Supporting documents for Education settings

Dyscalculia (PDF)

Size: 191.69 KB

Dyslexia (PDF)

Size: 193.88 KB

Dyspraxia (PDF)

Size: 273.81 KB

Hearing Impairment (PDF)

Size: 261.51 KB

Moderate Learning Difficulties (PDF)

Size: 198.62 KB

Physical Needs (PDF)

Size: 199.42 KB

Social Communication Autism Spectrum (PDF)

Size: 255.21 KB

Visual Impairment (PDF)

Size: 247.33 KB

Graduated Response Guidance (DOCX)

Size: 49.25 KB