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Exclusion of school pupils

Guidance on the exclusion of pupils from local authority maintained schools and academies.

Fixed Term Exclusion (PDF)

Size: 407.06 KB

Fixed Term Exclusion Guidance - Headteachers checklist (PDF)

Size: 217.45 KB

Fixed Term Exclusion Flow Chart (PDF)

Size: 182.09 KB

Permanent exclusion (PDF)

Size: 411.42 KB

Independent Review Panel (PDF)

Size: 382.66 KB

Governors Disciplinary Committee meeting (PDF)

Size: 426.79 KB

Permanent Exclusion Guidance - Headteachers checklist (PDF)

Size: 407.06 KB

Permanent Exclusion Flow Chart (PDF)

Size: 186.79 KB

Managed Moves (PDF)

Size: 312.39 KB

Managed Moves - Information for schools (PDF)

Size: 236.04 KB

EHC Plans and Exclusion - Information for schools (PDF)

Size: 228.06 KB